Member Benefits

Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) members enjoy many benefits!

  • Good Apple discount card: Members save 10% off every purchase at any of our three farm stands (Brox Farm Stand in Dracut, East Street Farm Stand in Tewksbury, and Hill Orchard in Westford) and receive 25% off Pick Your Own Apples at Hill Orchard in the fall.
  • Add-Ons: Members are offered special bulk order discounts during the season when we have a crop surplus. Perfect for long term storage, canning, and freezing for the winter.  Take advantage of bulk quantities of crops while they are in peak season!
  • Events: Our farm is as fun as it is diverse; our members-only events held on the farm help members connect with the source of the weekly harvest.  Families are our focus, and we love to get kids involved with activities on their favorite farm!
  • Community: Members find a broad range of support and community through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and of course our staff at the farm stands.  It is never hard to find someone passionate about food, recipes and the farm any day of the week!
  • Variety: Our crops on the farm are rotated often, creating excellent growing conditions for all of our vegetables.  This allows us to distribute a wide sampling of produce for our members to try and enjoy.  Choice-style pick-up (available at select locations only) furthers the options for members, allowing them to choose between types of vegetables week to week.
  • Freshness: The majority of our CSA fruits and vegetables are harvested within 24 hours of being delivered to any one of our 20 convenient locations in Northeast Massachusetts.
  • Simplicity: Everything in our members’ shares is harvested for them to maximize ease, safety, and quality! Our pickup options include home or office delivery, pre-boxed pickup for the adventurous eater or the grab-and-go member, and choice-style for those who enjoy taking more time to pick out just the right items. They show up, sign in, take their share, and are on their way!
  • Quality: We take great pride in what we do and CSA shares are always our first priority for harvest and distribution. From our fields to your table, every person on Farmer Dave’s team keeps a close eye on quality control.
  • Value: The dollar value of our CSA shares usually exceeds what members pay.  Giving extra back to our members is our way of thanking them for their support!
  • Swap Box: Each pick up site has a box (the “SWAP” box) that consists of a complete share.  Members are given the option to swap out one or two equal value items that they don’t care for, for something they are more interested in.  We want everyone to go home with just what they like.
  • Flexibility: Our office staff is available to work with members to alter pickup locations, pro-rate payments, set up payment plans, and more. When our members are happy, we are happy!