Pay with EBT / SNAP

The Massachusetts Healthy Incentives Program (HIP) matches SNAP recipients’ purchases of local fruits and vegetables at farmers markets, farm stands, mobile markets and CSA farm share programs. As a participating CSA, with Farmer Dave’s you can now instantly earn up to $40 per month for households of 1-2 people, $60 for households of 3-5, or $80 for households of 6 or more when you pay for your share using SNAP. See your CSA share payment debited from your EBT account on the same day you get SNAP benefits each month and then you will earn the HIP incentive automatically when your CSA payment is posted. The earned incentives can be used right away, or saved for a future purchase at any SNAP retailer on any SNAP eligible foods. 


The SNAP pilot program lets you purchase shares of fresh, affordable fruits and vegetables from Farmer Dave’s with your SNAP benefits during the CSA season.
Your CSA payment is debited from your EBT card the same day you get SNAP benefits each month.
Once you sign up, you can pick up your share each week from a convenient pick-up site near your community.

Monthly Cost Paid with SNAP/EBT

Small Vegetable Share $97/mo  – and $40/$60/$80 refunded monthly*
Regular Vegetable Share $133/mo – and  $40/$60/$80 refunded monthly*
Fruit Share $80/mo – and $40/$60/$80 refunded monthly*
Small Late Fall Share $104.28/mo – and $40/$60/$80 refunded monthly*
Regular Late Fall Share $145.50/mo – and $40/$60/$80 refunded monthly*


*Through Department of Transitional Assistance’s (DTA’s) SNAP Healthy Incentives Program

Monthly refund for SNAP clients based on household size: $40 refund for family of 1-2, $60 refund for family of 3-5, $80 refund for family of 6+



Download a SNAP Membership agreement form, or  contact Bethany Bellingham.
Phone: 978-349-1952
Email: farm @