Fresh veggies! I was so disgusted by my local chain grocery store's produce selection that I decided it was time to invest in a CSA...I am so glad I did! We thoroughly enjoyed all the veggies and opportunities to try new, tasty things.
Becky D., Tewksbury

Our diet is much better during the CSA season; very much veggie-based, with lots of fruit. My cooking style has changed. I no longer cook from recipes, but more from what food we have on hand. The change is fun, and actually pretty liberating. No more running out to the store to get some ingredient! I enjoy freezing and canning part of our fruit and vegetables for the winter. We love trying new fruits and veggies. The husk tomatoes were a treat, as were the doughnut peaches in the fruit share. Love the cranberry beans, too.
Steven G. & Jane L., Dracut

This was our first CSA experience and we absolutely love it!! We have gotten fresh fruit and vegetables weekly; and it's almost certain that we would not have enjoyed so many varieties or so much volume on any given week from the grocery store. We knew we wanted to support a local grower and loved the idea that our food wasn't traveling far or being excessively sprayed with chemicals. What we didn't anticipate was how much fresher and crisper Farmer Dave's produce is. Everyone I shared our food with said as much (repeatedly). Hopefully, two of my coworkers will join this coming year!
Rachel Y., Somerville

How HAVEN'T we benefitted, is the real question!! Prior to joining Farmer Dave's CSA, we didn't eat nearly enough vegetables. We also relied a lot on take-out food and frozen meals. Our diet has become so much healthier since our farm share began. We have also been enjoying some rich family time while cleaning and storing our vegetables, planning our meals, looking through cookbooks, and cooking together. Our relationship has certainly strengthened over this past growing season! I have also been a very picky vegetable eater throughout my entire life. Being a part of this CSA has expanded my pallete and has introudced me to many yummy veggies as an adult.
Liz T., Somerville

Let me count the ways . . . my trips to the grocery store are reduced; I am forced (in a good way) to be creative and flexible about meals in order to incorporate what's in season; I feel connected to the Earth and the earth around me; I am voting with my pocketbook against big agribusiness; I'm supporting the survival of an important part of New England culture; with the winter share, Thanksgiving will feel authentic: it will really be about giving thanks to Mother Nature and the farmers who grow our food -- much of the same food (e.g. corn and squash) that was grown by the indigenous people who farmed the land before the European invasion; the staff is a joy to see every week -- like the Sesame St. refrain, 'the farmer is a person in your neighborhood...'
JoHanna F., Boston Medical Center

We save a tremendous amount of time at the grocery store and eat a fresher product - grown without the load of pesticides that other farms use. Food quality, safety, and taste is much better than at the food stores. The newsletter is always full of great recipes, ideas and info about the farm. When I open my crate every week - it's like Christmas, filled with wonderful colors, aromas and surprises......true gifts!
Joan V., Burlington

Healthwise, my heart benefitted. Financially, my wallet benefitted. And emotionally, my sanity benefitted from not having to go to the grocery store as much! Also, I was exposed to some new favorites like garlic scapes and kousa squash. And before Farmer Dave came into my life, I never tried an apricot...Hello?! Where have these been all my life!?
Marianne M., Somerville

I have never had such delicious, fresh produce in my life, nor so much of it!!!! I am getting a much better and healthier diet because of belonging to Farmer Dave's. I also really enjoy the new vegetables I'm getting to try that I might otherwise overlook or be afraid to try. I have some new favorites because of this. I'm also learning to cook a lot better, and to cook from different cultures! I love being part of something that benefits my community and helps others. "Be the change you want to see happen in the world!" And I love the social aspect of the little farmer's market in Lanesville. I see friends and neighbors there, and I make new ones! I love sharing recipes with each other. I love the newsletter and the website. I'm learning so much about the different kinds of produce and about farming. I love the recipes, and I especially love the weekly descriptions of the farm as it progresses through the season. Whoever writes that is a poet!
Eileen C., Lanesville

Our family eats MUCH healthier. We've tried lots of different recipes and discovered that we actually LIKE veggies after all. Who knew? Also, it's great to share with friends and neighbors: When I had way to much corn, I sent 5 ears over to the family down the street. I gave bags of fresh green beans to friends. They all loved it.
Danielle P., Beverly

First off, let me say that the staff at Farmer Dave’s is outstanding. They are always cheerful, helpful, and friendly. They work extremely hard and each week, the pickup is managed with professionalism and perfect organization! Read more of Debbie's extensive review of our 2010 CSA season on her blog.