Does Farmer Dave’s offer any discounts for registering for more than one share?


If you are registering for all four shares (vegetable, fruit, spring and late fall) and paying in full before March 1, 2016, we offer a $50 bundle discount. Thank you for registering early; it helps us plan for for the season and have the funds for pre-harvest costs!

Q) How do I take advantage of the Bundle Discount?

A) It’s easy!  If you’re filling out a paper registration form, just subtract $50 from your total.  If you are registering online, add the spring share, vegetable share of your choice, fruit share and late fall share to your cart.  From your shopping cart enter Coupon Code “2016FULL41” in the field to the upper right of the screen BEFORE clicking Proceed to Checkout.  If you go too far you can click on “View Basket” at any time to return to the shopping cart and can enter the coupon code in the appropriate field.  (See photo above).

Q) I pick up my spring and late fall share at a different location than my vegetable and fruit share.  However, the computer won’t let me choose different pick up locations.  What should I do?

A) Unfortunately, our online software won’t allow you to choose different pick up locations for shares in one transaction at this time.  However, for the Bundle Discount coupon to work you will need to have four shares in your shopping cart.  You should register for all of your shares at the location where you will be picking up your spring share.  Then, send us an email at with your preferred pick up location for the vegetable, fruit and/or late fall shares and we’ll happily get everything straightened out for you behind the scenes.

IF YOU PICK UP IN TEWKSBURY or READING you will need to place two separate orders or fill out a paper registration form.  In one transaction, order your vegetable share (choice or pre-boxed) and fruit share. Enter your coupon in this transaction. Then, place a second order for your spring share and late fall share.  If you need help, send us an email at; we’ll be happy to help you out.

Q) Help!  I forgot to enter the Bundle Discount coupon code before submitting my order.  What should I do?

A) That depends.  If you’re paying by check just subtract $50 from your total and send us a note that you forgot the bundle discount along with your payment and we will credit your account.  If you paid by credit card, credit card rules do not allow us to make changes to the order retroactively so it’s very important that you enter the coupon code during checkout.  What we will be happy to do in this instance is to give you a credit of $50 on your account that can be used towards add-on purchases or your 2016 shares.  Just send us an email at and let us know what happened.