How does the CSA pickup work?


For our choice-style shares, members are greeted by a CSA site volunteer where they check in, but instead of dropping off and picking up a crate or box, members bring their own bags to transport their shares. Members then proceed to our line up of vegetables where all the week’s produce is set up in like a farmers market in rows of big green crates. Above each crate is a sign telling members how many of each item to take. For some of the vegetables, members will have a choice between two or more items. The signs will denote which vegetables to choose from and how many total items you are allowed to take. It’s up to you the combination of vegetables you want to take home.

Check out our instructional video to fully understand the “Choose Your Own” model.

Members can still opt to have their share boxed up for quick pickup. Pre-boxed shares are available at all pick-up locations. We want to provide a pickup option that works for as many of our members as possible.

*If you arrive to the CSA before the start time, you are more than welcome to help unload and set up shares, but we ask that you have patience and wait until the distribution officially begins to ask for your share. Our crew works hard to get things organized for the CSA, and it is much easier for them to get everything ready before they start giving out shares.

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