How many people can the shares feed?


The vegetable share starts out lighter at the beginning with more leafy greens, and becomes more varied and abundant as the season progresses. Depending on your diet, the vegetable shares can feed anywhere between 1 vegetarian and a household of 6 people that supplement their meals with vegetables. We offer two sizes (Small and Regular) to fit different needs:

Small Vegetable Share: The small share is appropriate for 1-2 adults (on average), or families with very young children. The small share may contain slightly less variety on a weekly basis than the regular share.

Regular Vegetable┬á Share: We’ve estimated our regular share to be between 5-20 lbs of produce per week, depending on which crops are on season. Or another way to put it: a regular share will fill 1-2 grocery bags. Depending on your eating habits, this share could feed a household or 2-5 adults.

The late fall share comes in one size only, and like our regular vegetable shares, will likely feed 2-4 typical adults or more. Smaller households – take note that many of the winter vegetables can store very well. With proper storage, a smaller household might be able to enjoy well into January their potatoes, carrots, onions, celeriac, winter squash, and more.

The spring share comes in one size only, and is a smaller share. Each share will contain 2-4 varieties of greens. For the first weeks of the share, root vegetables that were stored over the winter will also be included. Then, in the final weeks of the share, we will include tomatoes and cucumbers grown in our own greenhouses! We will sometimes include “something extra” as well, such as a bunch of radishes or fresh herbs. For the first several weeks when all of the greens are coming out of the greenhouse, the shares will be on the smaller side. Then, for the second half of the share, the quantities will increase as we begin harvesting more items grown outdoors. Because a large portion of what we can grow in the spring are greens, the share will be rather small. In fact, most weeks it will be smaller than the main season’s small share.

The fruit share can feed anywhere from 1-4 people, depending on how much fruit your family enjoys!

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