I have too much food. Help!


The last thing we want is for those delicious veggies to end up in your compost pile! To avoid wasting your produce, it is important to plan ahead and know that you will at times get more food than you can eat in a week. Getting an abundance of great produce in the summer gives the great opportunity to be able to eat your share when nothing is growing in the ground in the dead of winter. If time doesn’t permit an abundant share can also give you the chance to make some new friends! Here are some ideas when you can’t eat all your vegetables:

– Can it
– Freeze it
– Dehydrate it
– Ferment it
– Leave it in the swap box to be donated to one of our hunger relief partners
– Don’t have enough time to preserve your share this week? Knock on your neighbor’s door. I bet they would appreciate that farm fresh kale or eggplant!

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– Pick Your Own Website

– Ball Blue Book
– Putting Food By


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