I like to can / freeze / pickle. Can I buy large quantities of produce (such as pickling cucumbers) to process?


We are able to offer bulk add-ons in certain weeks. We are always trying to grow more of what the members want, and the addition of bulk add-ons, like the CSA itself, is member-driven. Each week, we send an email to CSA members with the add-on availability for the upcoming week. Members can then log into their accounts and place orders for the add-ons they’d like to receive with their shares the following week.

These add-ons will only be available in certain weeks when there is more than enough in the fields to provide for all of our shareholders. So, when we offer a bulk item that you want, please understand that there is a high chance it will only be available for a limited time, because there might only be enough to include in the shares themselves in subsequent weeks.

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