I picked up my share and didn’t see all the items that were listed in the newsletter. Why is that?


Often when a crop is “ready to harvest,” all of it isn’t ready to harvest at the same time. Even in a perfect season (with ideal temperatures and water conditions, and no weeds), the harvest tends to come on like a wave. If we imagine a corn or tomato harvest as a wave, it is easy to visualize: for the first few weeks of the harvest there might be only a little bit, here and there. Then over the subsequent weeks, as the harvest peaks, we may have more than enough for everyone. After that, there is a gradual trailing-off of the harvest-able quantities as the season comes to a close. In a less-than-perfect growing season, when crop yields are affected by sunshine, water or weed conditions, even the peak of the harvest season can sometimes be unpredictable.

Our policy is to send the vegetables out to you when they are freshest (as opposed to holding vegetables in the coolers for a week until everyone can have some, or letting a few heads of lettuce go to waste because we don’t have enough for everyone), even if this means that everyone doesn’t get all the items listed in the newsletter, or that some locations get a particular item and others don’t in a given week. We keep track of what each pick-up location gets each week so we can even these things out in subsequent weeks. Since you’ve signed up for an entire season of produce from our farm, we believe that it will all even out in the end.

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