Is the CSA less expensive than getting my veggies elsewhere?


You can always find produce cheaper somewhere else, but we have found that for the same quality vegetables grown with similar growing methods, the CSA can save the shareholder a lot of money, especially during the main season (June through October). Every year, the weather determines if there is an abundant crop or not. In the years that the harvest is bountiful, the CSA members benefit by receiving more veggies in their share, which increases the savings. The opposite is true in years when crops don’t do well. This highlights the very unique relationship between the farmer and CSA member in that the CSA member shares the risks and also the rewards of farming that the farmer experiences.

For the main season (June through October), CSA members have consistently received a much better value than they would have paid for the same product at another venue (such as a farm stand or farmers market). For the extended season shares (spring and late fall), the shares are still an excellent value, but cost more per week than the main season shares due to increased production costs (heat, labor, shrinkage and more) involved in growing outside of the typical growing season for New England.

By supporting Farmer Dave’s CSA you not only receive the freshest produce around, but you are helping to sustain a small, local farm, in a food culture that favors large agribusinesses that utilize natural resources and land unsustainably. And that’s not all; here’s some more food for thought for how your action to support Farmer Dave’s has a far-reaching positive impact: Why Join A CSA?


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