Is there an advantage to picking up my share early? Will certain crops run out if I pick up towards the end of the pick-up time?


While we do our very best at the farm to plan how much of each item to harvest, sometimes, Mother Nature has the final word on our yields and their timing. Sometimes, if there is not enough of a certain item to harvest for everyone, we will offer it as a “choose between” item on the choice-style tables, rather than let it go to waste because there isn’t quite enough to go around on that harvest day. While we know it can be disappointing when certain crops run low, by offering certain items as a choice, we are allowing more members who DO want that item to take it home, since those who don’t want it will choose something else. While we try to have enough of every item for every single member whenever we can, sometimes the harvest doesn’t work out that way.

If you know that you usually come to the pick-up towards the end of the pick-up hours and would like to ensure you receive the most variety possible, we suggest signing up for a pre-boxed share. The pre-boxed shares have the same contents as the choice-style shares; it’s just that for the “choose between items” (i.e., choose turnips or beets), we have to make the “choice” for you when we pack the shares.

We do offer a Swap Box at each CSA pickup that we stock with a few vegetables at the beginning of the CSA. Members may swap a produce item in their share for one in the Swap Box. We do not guarantee that there will always be vegetables in the swap box that you want to trade for, but it will almost always be the case that the earlier you come during the pick-up window, the more variety there will be in the swap box.

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