Will I know ahead of time what veggies I am getting in my share? I’d like to plan my meals ahead of time.


Usually, the day before your CSA pick-up, you will receive an email-newsletter letting you know several vegetables you can expect in your share. Because farming can be really unpredictable, we are not able to know too far in advance what we will harvest for you. (i.e. It may have down-poured the night before and it’s too muddy to get in to harvest the beans; or a hard frost may have wiped out the lettuce.) For these reasons, we encourage members to not rely too much on knowing ahead of time what will be in the share, and to plan for meals using your share once you get home and unpack your veggies. You usually can’t go wrong planning to have a stir fry for dinner on CSA day!

If you have an online account with us, you can log in to your account and to see what we are planning to put in your share on a particular day (this information is usually available several days in advance).

Here’s how:

  1. If you do not have an online account (user name and password), please e-mail us at farm@farmerdaves.net so we can send you an invitation. This will enable you to create a log-in that is linked to the shares we have on file for you.
  2. Once you have an online account, go to our home page and click on “member log-in” (it’s in the bottom right-hand corner).
  3. When you log in, click on “Box Schedule and Contents” to see what we are planning to harvest for you on a particular day.

Some things to know about checking your share contents online:

  • As we always say, Mother Nature has the final say in what we harvest for you.  The list you see when you click on “box schedule and contents” is based on what we are planning and hoping to harvest for you. Sometimes we may underestimate or overestimate the amounts of certain crops that are ready for harvest (for example, if we have a week of 90 degree weather, we will be able to pick double the amount of squash and cucumbers as we would have if the weather is only 70 degrees. Since the weather forecast is an inexact science, so is planning for the harvest). Other times, certain weather conditions may prevent us from harvesting certain crops (if we pick beans in the rain, we risk causing the plants to succumb to leaf diseases earlier in the season. Therefore, even if we had planned to put beans in your share, we might substitute something else if it rains).
  • Since the list that you see is based on what we are planning and hoping to harvest for you, the actual contents of the share you take home may differ somewhat from the list on your screen. We may substitute some items, add some items, or remove some items as harvest conditions dictate. Since we all wear many hats on the farm, we may not always have time to update the list you see online before driving off to deliver your shares!

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