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Farmer Dave’s is a diversified farm north of Boston that responsibly grows a myriad of vegetables and fruits.  While offering a CSA membership with pickups in many surrounding communities, Farmer Dave’s operates farm stands and participates in local farmers markets, school tours and pick-your-own strawberries, blueberries, apples and more. Committed to our food eco-system and keeping our community strong and healthy, we strive to keep our food sustainable and local.

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Vegisode: Veggie Tots

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This recipe is a guideline.  Each vegetable’s moisture content is variable, once shredded or finely chopped, the vegetable should be drained or pressed with paper towels to dry as much…

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Client Testimonial

“The staff is always friendly and magically remember who I am which is a great feeling. They're very helpful when I don't recognize some contents of my share and often offer suggested prep or storage.”


“Great customer service with friendly and organized staff”


“I did the pick up every Thursday at Wilmington Library with my son. It was a real experience with him. Chris was great weekly. My son was so into the vegetables (especially the tomatoes - they never made it home from the drive). We tried so many different veg. and it really challenged me. I loved it. My family got to so into it and the veg. lasted longer than I thought. THANK YOU”


“I had an amazing experience for my first year purchasing the veggie and late fall shares. The vegetables taste so fresh and look beautiful. Everyone at Farmer Dave’s is so friendly and accommodating. Thank you for all your hard work!!”


“Every time I have gone to East St. the staff has been extremely pleasant and helpful. They go out of there way to make sure it's a good experience. The ladies at the pickup are always a pleasure and are so welcoming.”


“The staff is always extremely helpful and friendly, and they frequently offered suggestions about ways to prepare produce. Interacting with them every week is one of the reasons I love being a member!”


“Everyone at farmer Dave's in dedicated to excellent customer service too. I have always had wonderful interactions with everyone on the farm. Thank you for all that you do.”


“We eat better year round, learn new ways to prepare and preserve healthy food, support our environment and community and enjoy a fun treasure hunt at every pick up with staff to answer questions”


“We enjoy fresh, locally grown vegetables from farm that supports the environment, hunger relief and provides ongoing training to help people in other countries become self-sustaining. It's a win-win!”

Bob and Nancy

“We’ve benefited by a healthier us. We like that the veggies are right from the farm and much fresher than the grocery store. when we first joined I liked getting things I’ve never bought before and try them out.”


“My household is eating more veggies, so we're being more healthy. We're also cooking in more and eating out less. We've learned how to cook and utilize veggies we would have never bought on our own.”


“I know that my food is produced locally and I am supporting a local farmer and that minimizes the carbon foot print of my food. The fruit and vegetables are so much more flavorful and eating seasonally is a way to be more creative in the kitchen.”


“Being a part of the CSA makes me feel even more connected to my community. It's being a part of something bigger, something good, and something wholesome and pure. I love the feeling I get, and I love knowing that the food me and my boyfriend are eating is good for us too.”


“I have become more creative with my cooking, learning how to use new vegetables in new ways. I also am so happy that I am supporting my local agricultural community in a real way. Thank you so much for your hard work all year!”


“We've benefited by appreciating and being more conscious about the food, the taste, not wasting as its local and right from Farm to table...literally. The food tastes SO MUCH better and we are VERY impressed. I sing Farmer Dave's praise every day. During cooking and after each meal is made we make with stuff from our crate we say "Thank you Farmer Dave" . We are excited to teach our twin girls about high quality, fresh food. We can't wait for 2018!!! Thank you for all the hard work you do for us. We appreciate it.”


“Being a member has made my husband and me eat more vegetables. I like trying new vegetables that I would not normally buy if I saw them in the grocery store. The recipe blog and Vegisodes are really helpful. I like knowing that we are supporting something local and helping the environment by eating locally grown, in season vegetables.”


“My kids understand where food comes from and are learning to value fresh, local, sustainably grown food. Getting CSA produce provides variety and expands my recipe selection.”