Groundwork Share-A-Share ™

Help share the harvest with others in our community! For the past several years, Groundwork Lawrence (GWL), one of our non-profit partners, has used their Share-A-Share model to make the CSA affordable to those at our Lawrence pick-up location. In 2011, we began partnering with GWL to expand the Groundwork Share-A-Share™ program to all of our locations.

Donations made to the Groundwork Share-A-Share ™ program will be used to partially subsidize shares for those who are unable to afford the full share price, as well as for local food pantries and other hunger-relief organizations. Anybody can donate to Groundwork Share-A-Share™, whether they’re CSA members, businesses, religious or community groups. You can include a donation with your CSA registration (if you are registering on paper), or donate online.

To learn more about the Groundwork Share-A-Share™ program, click here. If you are experiencing financial hardship and would benefit from a payment plan or a subsidized share, or if you would like to pay using EBT/SNAP/Food Stamps, please contact us and indicate this. We are committed to making the CSA affordable to as many as possible and would be happy to discuss the options with you.